Holidays and the Pause

I love holidays, they are like alters in time where every year as we pass by, we are encouraged to pause and look past the busyness of life to see what’s important. To remember it, to celebrate it. Today begins my favorite time of year. A month focused on a thankful heart and mind followed by a Christmas advent focused on Jesus and the incredible love, joy and peace he embodies. Then in the New Year it’s on to new beginnings and hope followed by a celebration of love on Valentines, of the faithfulness and goodness of God our Father who loves us. Then comes Easter and we celebrate the fulfillment of that love in Jesus, the savior of the world, reconciling us back to the Father in relationship with Him as He created us to be with his death and resurrection. His kingdom coming even now on this earth and his victory over everything that tries to take us from Him. Then freedom. We live in a great country where we have the freedom to worship without persecution, but even if we didn’t, in Jesus Christ we have true freedom. Incredible freedom.  
But today we start with Thanksgiving. A month where everyday we are encouraged to be thankful as Jesus told us we should be. In everything, at all times, through all things, because in the end we have all we need and more in Him – from love to freedom and everything in between.  


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