All I have is His and all He has is mine.

 These words are the beginning of a familiar ritual, the Lords Supper. Yet, don’t let it become so familiar it looses its significance and power. And it began with giving thanks. On an emotional night where he would later sweat drops of blood, here He gives thanks to the father, because he could see what was going to be accomplished – He saw the bigger picture and the salvation He would bring. Then he gave us this ritual, the bread and the wine, his body and blood broken and shed for us. To help us remember each time we do it to give thanks for his sacrifice, for the spiritual nourishment only he provides, that we participated in his death and praise His name, we participate in his conquering of it. In a sentence, all that I have is His and all that He has is mine. Just unpack that for a minute in your mind and you’ll be singing praises of thankfulness all day.  


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