Adoption & The Truth in Context

What I love about this section of scripture is that the beautiful picture at the end of this gritty battle being described is ADOPTION. That’s what he is saying THANK YOU for. Deliverance. Freedom. Then restoration in adoption. But here’s the thing, you have read it all. Context is critical for truth. So often I hear people take a verse here or there out of context – the war waging within, I do what I don’t want to do, I don’t do what I want do, and so on – and shrug their shoulders saying “it’s who we are and we have to deal with it until heaven”. NO!! In context that’s not what it’s saying! We miss the whole point if we stop there, we miss the good stuff. If you want to understand what he means, read to at least Romans 8:17. Study it, if you don’t understand, dog in deeper until you do. Pray for ears to not just hear, but understand. It’s incredible. Yes, there is a war waging, we battle ourselves, the world and evil – but His kingdom is now, Jesus alive in us, and His Spirit alive and working. If the Spirit of God is alive in us (which as believers it is!), then we are not in realm of the flesh, but the realm of the Spirit. The Spirit has given us life because of Jesus’ righteousness, we have died with Him on the cross, the old man gone and buried, and have been raised to new life in Him with the same power that raised Jesus from the dead. We are no longer slaves to the old self, to sin, to fear – the Spirit within us now cries out on our behalf that we are ADOPTED – restored to who we were created to be – son and daughters of God! Don’t focus on sin and give it power it doesn’t have, focus on your identity and the freedom we have in Christ Jesus. And be thankful!


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