Why We Go to School…

 Our family has the privilege of going to PCA (Palmetto Christian Academy). It’s a choice we’ve made about where we spend our money, what’s important to us in education, and ultimately what’s best for M&J right now. Yet, we completely understand the privilege it is to be in a position where we are able to make that choice, and that position is not lost on us. We are each called to steward what we’ve been given with as much wisdom and grace as we’re afforded. Private school is by no means perfect, no school is. It presents its own unique set of challenges for us as parents and for M&J, as would public school or homeschooling. At its heart though, we have seen a school that is striving to build a firm foundation in M&J by developing and affirming the same character traits we prioritize as a family. And no matter how you school, you have to be intentional about that in this culture. As M learned on the first day of kindergarten: “You go to school because God has big plans for you, and you need to be prepared for whatever those are.” Every teacher we’ve had so far has left me humbled and incredibly grateful as I see their unique perspectives, personality and approach to education impact M&J, and our family, in ways that they’ll never fully know. Psalms 100 is one of those things. M&J have both memorized the Psalm during their kindergarten year for Thanksgiving Chapel. J will recite it tonight and it will probably be one of the highlights of the school year for me. When M first did this two years ago (and taught J so they could do it together then), it was an ah ha moment for me in many ways including how to memorize scripture. Making the verses into a “song” of verbal expression with motions, we were able to start tackling some more challenging verses and it added a level of fun as we created our “songs”. Even for me, who has always had a hard time with memorization, I was able to start remembering more verses as I thought through the motions and visualized the verses on the door ( Backdoor Verse ). And when you memorize, you meditate. You chew on them, wrestle with them, pray through them, and the Holy Spirit rewards that with wisdom and understanding. When it’s quiet, what does your heart sing? Where does your mind go when it’s still for a minute? We sing the songs written in our hearts. And the gospel is a song – thankfulness, worship – they are our hearts singing the song they were created to sing. Today I’m thankful for the privilege of being a part of a school that helps to write the gospel on the hearts of M&J everyday.


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