Speaking the Unspoken Assumption

Knowing other people who are strong and passionate in their faith and love for Jesus is no small thing. Together we grow stronger as we build each other up in faith, carry one another’s burdens, encourage godly perspective, teach, heal, edify… it’s the body of Christ and his vision for the church. It’s easy to take it for granted where I live, where Christianity is almost assumed, we go to a Christian school, churches are active in the community, I can jump online and find encouragement in my Facebook feed… however, the challenge in that is to not let it become unspoken, not to fall into a comfortable assumed Christianity lifestyle where there is no growth or challenge, no passion, zeal or spiritual fervor. Not to put yourself into a protected bubble of acceptable mediocracy and deny the commission placed on us. I thank God for the people I know who are passionate in their faith, they inspire me, teach me, and challenge me daily to press on in my own faith, to hunger for more. And I pray for them, that they would have people around them to do the same. I’ve said it before already this month because it’s a burden on my heart, but we need to speak to one another about the things that matter. We can come and go all day long and have dozens of conversations, talk about politics, the holidays, weather, parenting struggles, job issues and so on… and end the day without talking about our faith once. Out of the heart the mouth speaks. Don’t assume the unspoken. It’s uncomfortable and awkward sometimes, but when you break through that initial fear and go after it, there is beauty, healing, hope, and strength on the other side. If we are truly thankful for our brothers and sisters in Christ, let’s build each other up in that faith.


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