A Legacy

This is the one of the most repeated phrases in the Bible… forty-four times to be exact.  (Sometimes the wording is slightly different and in twenty-six instances just the last half is provided, usually because it’s being used as a refrain associated with the whole verse which was just offered.) In Psalms 136 it punctuates every stanza, emphasizing the phrase over and over.  This repetition is powerful and it’s intentional. It makes you stop and chew on it because the emphasis begets importance, it commits the phrase to memory which writes it on your heart, that in turn helps you to remember it and in doing so creates a lense through which you view everything else.  This simple phrase is foundational.   If you don’t really believe this in your heart of hearts and understand it, then nothing else about the gospel will make sense.  But if you do, it declares the gospel in its heart.  God is good.  He is God, and if he were not good, he would still be God – but he IS good.  He is just, he is merciful, he is righteous, he is holy, and he is love.  And His love endures forever.  No matter what, from the beginning he loved us with an everlasting love, and he had a plan to restore us to himself through Jesus Christ for all eternity.  From the creation to the restoration, God is good and his love endures forever.  His people have been giving thanks for that for thousands of years because He has not changed one iota in that time. That’s a legacy.


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