The Heart of Charity

Last night we went to a tree lighting and in some small way started our Christmas season. (Now before you get too upset, we are still celebrating every minute of thanksgiving – but I do think we can manage a little of both this week.). Honestly, I think it’s good to look at one in light of the other.  Headed into a season of pervasive consumerism, I love that we can start out with a well trained and exercised mindset of gratitude for all we have and the gift of Jesus. Repeatedly through this month I have been reminded of my privaledge, of how much I have been made steward of and how much I have been enriched.  This in the spiritual sense as well as physical and material.  We have so much to the thankful for.  But it’s so important not to stop at thanksgiving.  These gifts, these privaledges, these blessings, these enrichments, they all come with responsibility.  They are given for a purpose.  For generosity.  Generosity that points people to God.  When we give out of the abundance we’ve received (not just financially speaking here – but love, mercy, wisdom, time, talent and so on…) we do it in order that through our giving people would see God.  That we would be a city on a hill, a light in a dark room, shining Gods love and spreading the aroma of Christ, to reference yesterday’s verse.  That our generosity would produce thanksgiving to God.  As we go into the holiday season and we have so many opportunities to bless others through charity and service, this verse is a humble reminder to do it all for Gods glory and not our own.  Not to boast in our own doing, but to humbly thank God who has enriched us so that we are able to be generous.


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