The Love Language of Prayer

I think prayer life is a strong indicator of where our relationship with God is, at least for me it has always been. You think of a strong marriage or a strong parent/sibling relationship – there’s the desire to know what’s going on with the other person and share what’s going on with you.  The desire to be close to one another, even if it’s a quick “hello” sometimes or a cuddle on the couch with no words at all.  If there’s something to celebrate or if there’s something to mourn – they are the person you want to talk with about it.  It’s quality time, it’s communication… it’s a strong healthy relationship.

For me that reveals itself in prayer.  It’s my closeness to God, it’s our relationship.  For that reason I love this Thanksgiving verse.  Devote yourself to prayer.  It’s kind of like saying “commit to conversation and relationship.”  It’s the life blood of our faith and one of our love languages between our Heavenly Father and us.
Yet it doesn’t stop there – it says to pray with an alert mind and a thankful heart.  It’s intentionality and love.  It’s being mindful how we pray, the words we speak, that we aren’t just talking to ourselves, but communing with God.  To pray in wisdom and truth, which means understanding the love and salvation we already have – being thankful first, knowing we already have all we need in Jesus and his promises to us are true.  

So how is your prayer life?  Is it fervent, constant, thankful?  Or do you need to schedule a date night?


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