The Heart of the “Holy Day”

Happy Thanksgiving friends! Day 24 of Verses for Thanksgiving and I’m changing it up with a Hymn. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow, (especially on holidays for our family). Because as much as we read advent verses to prepare our hearts, make thankful leaves to train our minds, and decorate or cook to entice our spirits… it’s never perfect. It’s a holiday, but it’s still just a day, and sometimes the expectations and hopes for a “holy day” have to be set aside when the kids decide to fight or pout or disobey like any other day. In the end though, what I’m *still* learning is to just go with the flow. To stop focusing so much on if my kids “get it” or don’t… but to do my best and then let go and focus on my own heart “getting it”. To look at the heart of the “holy day” instead of the rules.  So Happy Thanksgiving friends, from our humble “still getting it” home to yours.


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