Fruitcake & Christmas Breakfast

A Tradition-ful Advent: Fruitcake & Christmas Breakfast A Little History: Long ago, Christmas Eve was a day of fasting as people prepared their hearts to Celebrate the birth of Christ.  As you can imagine, on Christmas morning there was a lot of extremely hungry people.  For breakfast, porridge (a hot, thick, bland cereal similar to… Continue reading Fruitcake & Christmas Breakfast

Christmas Wreaths

A Tradition-ful Advent: Christmas Wreaths A Little History: The Christmas wreath is another tradition that has been around for a long time and was initially created from fresh evergreens (See the history on The Christmas Tree for some correlation there). Since evergreens are green year-round, they were the obvious choice during the winter months. The… Continue reading Christmas Wreaths

Decorating our Homes: Candles in the Windows & Stringing Lights

A Tradition-ful Advent: Decorating our Homes Candles in the Windows & Stringing Lights A Little History: In the days before electricity lit up dark skies, people set candles in their windows, especially on long winter nights to welcome weary travelers. That flicker of light was a beacon of hope. For wanderers of those desolate and pitch-dark… Continue reading Decorating our Homes: Candles in the Windows & Stringing Lights